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For any donations or offerings in kind, you may also contact the Trust.

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They are present both online on the web and offline in person.


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Haji Ali Dargah Trust receives donations mainly through the donation boxes provided inside the Dargah Sharief Complex. Donations are received in Cash and kind. Devotees of Pir Haji Ali Shah Bukhari (R.A.), also send donations in the form of cheques (checks) / demand draft and pay order.  

The funds received through the donations are utilized for the day-to-day operations, upkeep and maintenance of the Dargah Sharief by the trustees, which includes paying of salaries to the staff, the mujawars (caretakers), the Imams, water and electricity bills, lighting, site maintenance, etc.

The trust also draws up various schemes for providing medical aid to the poor and needy, funding the establishment of many Masjids / Madrasas, funding of scholarships for higher education in engineering, medicine and other faculties.

The funds are also utilized for performing rituals (fateha and milad), distribution of Niyaz on the 16th of every Islamic month commemorating the death anniversary of Pir Haji Ali Shah Bukhari (R.A.) and on other religious occasions.



Major restoration and reconstruction work is being carried out over the next couple of years, which is estimated to cost the Haji Ali Dargah Trust over INR 9.2 Crores (INR 92 million).

The trustees of Haji Ali Dargah Trust make a humble request and appeal to all visitors, devotees and followers of Pir Haji Ali Shah Bukhari (R.A.) to send in their donations, offerings and contribute towards this magnanimous and missionary task of the renovation, reconstruction and beautification work of the Dargah of your beloved Saint Pir Haji Ali Shah Bukhari (R.A.). And whenever you see it, visit it, or come to hear about it, you will feel that somewhere in the structure you have left an imprint of your heart and love for your beloved Saint Pir Haji Ali Shah Bukhari (R.A.) and in it will be your impression of the city of Mumbai where many a soul has found home and livelihood.


You may also contribute in general and towards other specific activities carried out by the Trust, such as:

  • Paying Salaries to Staff, General Operations and Maintenance of the Dargah.

  • Provision and distribution of food to the poor and needy.

  • Provision and distribution of Niyaaz.

  • Towards expenses of water, electricity, decoration and lighting on specific religious and other important occasions.

  • Towards Providing Scholarships for Higher Education.

  • Towards the financial aid / assistance for construction, repair and / or general operations of Madrassas, Masjids, and other Islamic institutions including Schools, Colleges and Institutions of Higher Education run by other Trusts.

  • Towards provision of Medical Aid and Assistance to individuals for critical and prolonged illnesses and to charitable hospitals and nursing homes for installation of equipments, ambulatory services, etc.

  • Towards beautification, ornamentation of the tomb and interiors of the Dargah Sharief.

All income of the Trust is exempt from Income Tax under section 10(23C)(v).

Donate Online

To donate online using your Rupay, Visa or Master Debit / Credit Card. click here.

Donation via demand draft / bankers cheque (check)

Donations may also be sent via demand draft / bankers cheque (check) in favour of "Haji Ali Dargah Trust, Mumbai" or in person at the following address:


Haji Ali Dargah Trust

Haji Ali, Lala Lajpat Rai Marg,

Mumbai 400 036.

Donation via direct remittance / deposit in the bank

You may alternatively directly remit the funds to the Haji Ali Dargah Trust bank accounts with any of the following Banks via cash / cheque / pay order / demand draft / banker's cheque (check) / Wire Transfer / EFT / NEFT / RTGS either online or through deposit in the local branches of these banks by providing our account number.

1. State Bank of India

(18708) Tardeo Branch.

Ground Floor, B-Wing, Jaywant Apts,

63, Tardeo Road, Opp. Film Center,

Tardeo, Mumbai 400 034.


Savings A/c. No. 10529884531 (For Donations in INR)

RTGS / IFS Code: SBIN0018708

Prefix: 0438200133


2. IDBI Bank

Bhulabhai Desai Road Branch,

Tirupati Apartments,

Bhulabhai Desai Road,

Mumbai 400 026.


Savings A/c. No. 019104000045960 (For Donations in INR)

RTGS / IFS Code: IBKL0000019

Swift Code: IBKLINBB004


3. The Bombay Mercantile Coop. Bank Ltd.

Kemps Corner Branch,

401/501/601, Shreepati Arcade,

August Kranti Marg, Nana Chowk,

Grant Road (West), Mumbai 400 036.


Savings A/c. No. 015100100004389 (For Donations in INR)



4. Jammu & Kashmir Bank Ltd.

Bandra (W) Branch,

182, Ashra,

Waterfield Road, Bandra (W),

Mumbai 400 050.


Savings A/c. No. 0446040100000632 (For Donations in INR)





FER A/c. No. 0446040100000828 (For Donations in Foreign Currency)


Please do not forget to send your name and contact details along with details of your donation. This will enable us to send you a receipt.

Jazaak Allah. Thank you for visiting our website and donating generously to Haji Ali Dargah Trust. May Allah (SWT) grant Barakaat in your Halal earnings. Ameen.

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